Professional Driver C+E

Professional Driver C+E


Professional Driver C+E will always find work, and market's hunger for this profession has no end. 
People from around the world, have transported, transport and will be transporting literally everything. 
The veriaty of loads is endles and sometimes there are needed specific certificates. 

How to start the career of professional driver?

We will try to answer this question in just few points below. 

The first condition that has to be fulfilled is to make driver's licence category B. It can be done at age of 18. Further when turning 21 you can start arrangements to gain professional driver category C permissions. It is required to have doctor's and psychological opinion, confirming capability to drive truck. Next step is to participate in training and positively pass the theoretical  and practical test at the end. 
Having driver's licence category C opens possibility to make C+E permissions. To gain it you have to participate to theoretical courses and passing the test at the end. 
Unfortunately it still does not allow you permission to transport goods. So what is the next step? The next you can do is to gain "Professional qualification certificate". It is 280 hour course with option of shorter version of 140 hours. As previously you have to pass the exam and provide doctor's and psychological opinion allowing you to be professional truck driver. It all will allow you to get "Code 95" which is permission to deliver goods. 

You can even enlarge your qualifications by making ADR or HDS certificates. The first one will allow you to transport dangerous products and the secont one will allow you to load without additional equipment.  

Anyone who is interested in gaining driver's licence category C+E we ask to contact Stando Academy directly.