Coffee... Is it good for you?

Coffee… Many people drink it in many different ways, hot, cold, strong, week, large, small, white, black…
Very often we wander if this second preferred drink of choice in the world right after pure water is healthy of not.
Let's hope that few points below will answer this question:
1. Coffee lowers stress level
2. Decreases risk of diabetes
3. Decreases risk of depression
4. Improves blood circulation
5. Prevents from Parkinson’s disease
6. Burns fat
7. Contains antioxidants
8. Prevents from cancer
9. Protects from UV rays
This are the medical aspects why coffee is healthy, but most importantly all best conversations, are taking place while drinking coffee and morning social life in the office starts with delicious cup of this delicious drink. At least that is how we start our day in Stando Group office. 
On top of that it also gives us boost of energy and improves our efficiency. It also allows us to focus easier.