We invest in our personnel

If you want to develop, you have to invest in your company. That is how it goes. Company owners constantly make decisions that will help provide services on higher level, so the investment in new and more advanced equipment, and machines takes place. But this are only tools. Your company is not only an equipment, but people who help you every day and are also a face of the company. With their work, you can achieve more, and once you invest in your personnel, you invest in your company. Long time ago we understood that here in Stando Group, and right now, we are investing not only in the newer equipment, but mainly in our people, who are building our company. Starting with drivers, going through sales department and administration, and ending on dispatchers or forwarders. We are increasing their skills so when the time is right the promotion takes place.

 Stay tuned, from time to time our family grows and who knows maybe shortly we will be looking for someone like you.